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Faces Behind the Brand


Hi, I'm Rachel Smith and this is my rad family. I started making ties in 2007 when our first son was born.  What started as a hobby making ties for my own boys turned into a little shop we called Trendy Ties. We made Ties for little kids and occasionally some for dads to match- Trendy Ties quickly grew into a bigger shop with a dozen employees and over a hundred retail suppliers. It was a huge blessing for our growing family and very very busy. But after having baby #3 we decided to make some changes so the kids could have a mom instead of a nanny. At the same time, our customer base was growing up and our demand for Men's Ties went up and up- so we made some changes.  It was time for Trendy Ties to grow up.

Meet Boon Ties. Cool Neckties for Men, Boys, and Babes.  Boon means- a thing that is helpful or beneficial, advantage, or blessing. We chose this name because it’s exactly what this small business has been for our family- a BOON, and we want Boon Ties to be a benefit to all who come across them. Boon ties are on a mission- to help boys and men look good, so they can DO good.
We believe that when they look good, they have the confidence to get out there and do good in the world. Whether it’s that extra advantage to smash a job interview, knock doors to teach others, say I DO to the woman they love, or just rock their 9-5 jobby job, Boon Ties will keep them looking sharp. Each tie calls them to action with a label inscribed- “look good + do good” on the back.
And they really do look good- handcrafted to the highest quality standard, they are not skinny and not fat…we like to call it a modern width (or just right). Our youth ties are also a modern width and still size specific- so your 2 yr old and 10 yr old won’t be wearing the same length tie like they will with other tie brands. They are still sturdy enough to handle the roughest of wearers big and small. Now Dad can pick out his favorite styles and Jr can coordinate.
We offer big fat discounts for wedding orders, high school sports teams, and music groups, and we love to support local needs and fundraisers. We are priced right at $24 for Men’s Ties and $14 for youth sized and we ship fast!  
This is truly a family business. My Husband, Chad, is a College Professor by day and an expert box mover and fabric hauler by night. I complete and fulfill orders while baby Della naps and answer emails before the kids wake up, and our boys Bridger and Bowen help put boxes together between homework and sports practice. (Chad works for dinner and the boys work for Lego $).
I am beyond thankful for each and every customer and sometimes catch myself thanking them out loud by name as I package orders. Each tie is made with love from my family to yours! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Love, Rachel