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Design-A-Tie Father’s Day Sets

When my boys were little, I started this tradition of letting them color on a tie for their dad (my husband), Chad, for Father’s Day. I mean...I made ties every day so it was sort of a no-brainer homemade gift for us.  The kids would scribble, draw pictures of Chad, color silly pictures of his favorite things on them, and then we’d wrap it up and they would proudly give it to Chad to wear on Father’s Day. It was our fun tradition!

You already know where this is 2019 I tested out the The Design-A-Tie set idea in my shop. The set includes a “blank” Tie + 8 permanent fabric markers. Kids decorate the ties and gift them to Dad’s and grandpas for Father’s day. I wasn’t sure if they would gain any traction...a product like this can be hard to market since it needs a bit of explaining...but whoa was I wrong! They have sold out every year and families love them. The pictures sent in and shared on social media of Dad’s and Grandpas proudly wearing their designed ties is one of the cutest things ever and it’s been a really fun project.

Fathers Day Printable